About Me

Welcome to Pink Glitter Life!

I started painting my nails three or four years ago, and I'm pretty much obsessed. For the most part, I keep my nails painted all the time, and I paint them every week. June and July are my recovery months when I don't paint my nails at all, to let them recover from staining or breaks. My favorite nail polish brands are OPI and Essie for sure. They can be a bit on the pricey side, but I love their formulas, and the shape of their brushes are great for painting my nails.

I love DIY-ing (especially when I can cover it in glitter) because let's be honest: sometimes prices just aren't' realistic. What's the point in paying $100 dollars for something when you can DIY it with some scissors and a little glue? DIY-ing is my way of expressing my personal style and staying on a budget.

As far as fashion- ya girl LOVES clothes. If no one stopped me, I could probably spend hours shopping online for clothes and shoes. Also, it's really aesthetically pleasing to look in the mirror and feel like a serious fashion blogger because your outfit is so put together.