About Me

Welcome to Pink Glitter Life!

Hi, I'm Brooklyn Knight, a teen blogger, aspiring manicurist and makeup artist. My love for nail design started five years ago, and since then, I've been obsessed with all things nails. I started out by watching videos and tutorials on YouTube, and I always had so much fun recreating nail art. Eventually, I was changing the designs to match my own personal style and creating my own. I've always had naturally long nails, so I tend to stick to designs you can do with regular nail polish. On this blog, I mainly focus on simple nail design tutorials and reviews. My makeup looks can be found on my Instagram.

DIYs are another hobby of mine. I love finding ways to make things that look store-bought for half the price. It allows me to be creative and decorate things to fit my own personal taste. Room decor DIYs are some of my favorites to do because room decor can be so expensive, but buying a few supplies for less money allows you to create multiple projects that look even cuter.

The last main category I post about on this blog is fashion. My clothing choice is one of the easiest ways to express myself on a daily basis. I love piecing together outfits and accessories for certain looks or events. I focus on teen fashion for this blog.