Recently, I bought a 18 pack of mini nude nail polishes from L.A Colors. Since then I’ve been wanting to try them out, but none of the colors really fit my Christmas and New Year nails. Now that the holidays are over, I have found one color that I absolutely love and in today’s tutorial, I’ll be showing you how I created this brown and gold nail design.

  1. Apply a good base coat to your nails to prevent any staining that may occur
  2. Paint all of your nails except your ring finger with two (or more) coats of your favorite nude nail polish
  3. Use a gold nail polish on your ring finger (I chose a gold shimmery polish because it’s easier to remove than gold glitters)

I used this pack of nail decals for the next steps

4. For my middle finger, I applied the chain decals, third from the bottom, vertically down my nails

5. For my thumbs, I used the cluster of jewels at my cuticle *you can also create this by using nail glue to apply 3 jewels at your cuticle

6. I sealed in my design with Nail Aid’s One Minute Artificials¬†

The harsh lighting definitely made the color seem more purple that it actually was, but it’s definitely a dark brown in softer lights.


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