Glitter Minion Nails Tutorial

August 25, 2019

This week, I was thinking back to older nail designs I recreated. One of my favorites was a minion nail design. I've decided to try it again but with a little more pizzazz. This design looks so cute as a single accent nail, or if you're really feeling it, you can paint it on all your nails! Keep reading to see exactly how I created glitter minions on my nails.

You will need:

  • Base + Top Coat
  • Yellow nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Black nail polish (with thin brush)
  • Silver glitter nail polish
  • Navy blue glitter nail polish
  • Blue glitter
  • Dotting tool

To start off this design, I used a base coat and painted all of my nails with a bright yellow.


Next, I used the navy blue glitter nail polish to paint a thick stripe across the free edge of my nail. While this was still wet, I added blue loose glitter over the blue polish for some extra sparkle.


To start the goggles, I used a thin brush dipped in black nail polish to paint a thin stripe near the cuticle of my nails for the strap.

Tip: You can always go back in with yellow polish to clean up and straighten the line.


For the goggles, I used my silver glitter polish and a dotting tool to create a big dot in the middle of each black line.


To finish off, I made a smaller dot in the center of the first dot with white polish, then I made an even smaller dot with black polish for the eyes. Seal everything in with a glossy top coat, and you're all finished!

minion final

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