How I Style my Oversized Denim Jacket

October 4, 2020

Denim has always been a classic essential in everyone's wardrobe that will never go out of style. For the past few years, comfort has began to make its way into the fashion world. Everyone is looking for a looser, more breathable fit in all clothes such as boyfriend and mom jeans, oversized hoodies and t-shirts, and the fit of joggers and sweatpants. It seems that you can find any type of clothing in a baggier or larger fit nowadays, including the classic denim jacket. Ever since I bought my first oversized denim jacket, I haven't stopped wearing them. They're perfect for almost any outfit and several different occasions. Keep reading to find out five of my favorite ways to style oversized denim jackets!

1. Casual dress

The easiest way to wear an oversized denim jacket is with a dress. It makes any dress look more fun and casual. I also love when the dress and jacket are the same length.

2. All black

This is definitely one of my "dressier" ways of wearing an oversized denim jacket. It looks great with heeled combat boots, and the jacket is the perfect contrast to tone the look down a little without taking away too much.

3. Shorts + t-shirt

Lightweight denim jackets are my go-to in the spring and summer on those breezier days or when it starts getting cooler at the end of the day.

4. All denim

This one is perfect if you have a denim jacket and jeans in a similar wash. Bonus points if you happen to have a denim looking shirt as well. I love wearing this one for fall and winter with some short booties.

5. Hoodie + leggings

This is another one of my denim jacket looks for cooler weather. It's really simple and super casual, so it's perfect for everyday wear. You can always layer under your hoodie to keep yourself extra cozy and warm. I also like to pull the hoodie over the collar of the jacket for that hooded denim jacket look.

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