How to Fix/ Hide Broken Nails with Dip Powder

January 10, 2021

If you're like me and mostly wear your natural nails, you know the pain of a broken nail. Most of us don't want to cut every other nail just to match a broken one. That's why today I'll be showing you one way I disguise my broken nails so they blend in with the others. I do use different methods depending on the length and shape of my other nails and how bad the break is. For this tutorial, I'll be showing you the method I use when my nails are on the longer side. Most of the products I used were from Amazon and will be linked.

The nail that I was trying to hide was much longer than it would usually be. The final result will look more seamless on a much shorter natural nail. However, if you don't want to cut or file down the nail yet, this will still work.

To begin you will need some nail tips. The trick here is to find tips as close to the shape and size of your other natural nails as possible. Right now, I have long, coffin-shaped nails.

These are two examples of nail tips I have. Both are coffin-shaped, but the one on the right is much more narrow. I chose the tips on the left because they are wider and closer to the shape of my natural nails.

The first step is to glue the nail tip to your natural nail. I used the Kiss Brush-on nail glue. Be sure to buff and remove shine from your natural nail so the nail sticks as best as possible.

After the glue is dry, cut and file the nail to match the shape of your other nails. I recommend using a nail cutter specifically for fake nails and an 80 or 100 grit coarse nail file because they require less work and will file much faster than a 180 or 240 grit nail file made for natural nails.

Before beginning the dip process, I buff and remove shine from the nail tip. For the process, I used a four-step system and clear dip powder.

The first step was to apply bonder. This is used to prep the nail and remove any oils. Next, I applied the base layer and immediately dipped my nail into the clear powder.

I repeated this step a second time, brushed off the excess powder, and applied the activator layer. Activator is used to harden the powder.

Once the activator was dry, I filed and buffed the nail until it was smooth.

Lastly, I applied the top coat and some cuticle oil, and I was done!

From here, you can go on to paint your nails as normal.

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