I Tested 4 Eyeshadow Dupes…

November 27, 2019

Dupes have been a controversial subject in the makeup world for a while now. I believe as long as a company isn't trying to pass off their products as the real ones, dupes are a great way to to buy high quality products without the high-end price tag. However, not all dupes are the same. While some companies produce high quality products at a fraction of the cost, some dupes are just cheap knock offs that show you get what you pay for. So for this post, I've decided to test out four eyeshadow palette dupes. Two of the palettes came in a set from Amazon, and the other two were from a cruelty free brand called Alter Ego.


One of the palettes in the set from Amazon was named Spectrum, and it is a dupe for the Prism Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH). The set costed $12.99, so each individual palette would be around $6-$7. The ABH Prism Palette costs around $40 at most stores. The palette had 14 colors total. The palette itself felt very cheap and seemed to be made out of cardboard. The colors themselves swatched beautifully when applied with my finger, but they weren't nearly as pigmented when using a brush. It was possible to build the colors for better pigment, but it didn't last long and came off very easily even with primer. For the price, I believe the quality is what you would expect from a cheap palette. It did what it was supposed to do, but I personally wouldn't buy it again because the quality was nowhere near what you would see from an ABH palette, or even a $12 palette.


2.Gold Lustre

This was the second palette from the Amazon set, and it is a dupe for the ABH Soft Glam palette (around $40). Like the first, the individual 14-color palette is sold for around $6-$7. The palette felt cheap like the first. However, this palette didn't seem as pigmented as the first, especially with the lighter shades. A lot of the shades were very chalky and patchy no matter how they were applied. The colors were fairly easy to build and blend out, so the pigmentation didn't bother me too much. While the palette wasn't super high quality, it was better than expected for its price point.



The Daydream palette is an 18 color palette from a brand called Alter Ego, and it costs $18. It's a dupe for the Huda Beauty New Nude palette, which costs $65. To start off, the palette arrived in perfect condition and was absolutely gorgeous. There was a mix of mattes, shimmers, and pressed glitters, and they all swatched perfectly. The pigmentation on all colors were amazing, especially on the shimmery shades. The palette itself felt heavy and high quality. I believe this dupe definitely was at the same quality as the New Nude palette, and it was well worth the price.



The Goddess palette was also from Alter Ego. It's a 15 color palette sold for $16. It's a dupe for the Natasha Denona Gold eyeshadow palette, which costs $129. Seeing such a huge price difference, I was really excited to see the quality of the dupe. Just like the Daydream palette, it felt heavy and high quality. The colors had great pigmentation and swatched evenly. I didn't have any problems with the palette, and it was a great dupe for the price.


Overall, my favorite palette was Daydream. The colors were so pretty, and it was extremely high quality for its price. I definitely think the Alter Ego palettes were perfect dupes because the quality and pigmentation were something you would expect at a higher price point. As for the palettes from Prism Makeup, you get what you pay for. The palettes themselves were terrible quality, and they definitely felt cheap. The colors were decent and got the job done, but didn't blow me away at all.

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