KL Polish Review

January 12, 2019

KL nail polish has been on my “To Try” nail polish list for a while. The line was created by Kathleen Lights, and all of their polishes are cruelty and 12- free. Most of the bottles cost $9.50, or you can buy full bundles. I bought my polishes from them during their “Create your own bundle” sale, so I chose any three polishes for $19.95. I bought the shades “Cozy in There”, “Graham”, and “Chloe”. For the review I’ll be using “Chloe”.

The KL Polish website describes Chloe as “an olive green polish/muted military green in a creme finish”. I have never used a green polish before, so I was very excited to try this one.

This was the first coat of Chloe. The polish was very pigmented, but did have a few sheer patches. The polish has a great shine without any top coat, and everything in the description was true.

After the second coat, it was completely opaque and any patchiness was covered. The polish dries fairly quickly. The formula has the perfect amount of thick and creaminess, but not too much to the point where it takes forever to dry.

The brush of Kl Polishes is the perfect size and shape to cover your nail without getting much on your skin. The round shape is great for getting as close to your cuticle as possible for a professional look.

Overall, I give KL Polish 5/5 stars. The formula is perfect and consistent in their polishes. The brush helps to create a professional looking manicure at home, and the darker shades only needed 2 coats for complete coverage. While the polish has a great shine without topcoat, I still recommend using one because after one day without topcoat, I began to notice a little bit of wear around the edges of my nails. Other than that, I had no problems with KL Polish.

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