This week, I was looking at some old nail designs from when I first started nail art. I thought it would be fun to recreate one of the designs and see how much I’ve improved. The design I decided to recreate was a blue and white nautical design I did in 2016.

This is what the design looked like back in 2016, and even after just 2 years, I see multiple mistakes. The white polish was streaky, I didn’t clean up around my nails and on my skin, and the stripes were awful.

To start off recreating this design, I painted my middle and ring finger blue, my index and pinky white, and thumb with a gold glitter polish.


I decided to make my thumb nail gold after I took the picture, which is why it’s blue here

Next, I painted the anchor on my ring finger. I did so using a gold glitter striper (polish with a very thin brush). To create it, I started by painting a circle close to my cuticle. Then, I painted a vertical line from the bottom of the circle towards the tip of my nail. Add two lines that curve upward from the end of the vertical line. Lastly, I added a short horizontal line in the middle of the vertical line(not shown in the picture).

Lastly, I cut some some pieces of scotch tape and placed them on my  middle nail to create stripes. I painted the spaces between with white polish, then removed the tape. I also added a star stud to the upper left corner of my index finger to finish the design.

Overall, I think that my recreation of the design looks much better and cleaner than the one from 2016, and it goes to show that practice and patience truly pays off.

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