Black Negative Space Nails

June 1, 2017

Hi, everyone! In today’s tutorial I’ll be showing you how to recreate this basic but still eye catching negative space mani. Here mine was done with black nail polish, but the great thing about this deisgn is you can change it up by using any color nail polish or adding on to it to match your outfit or mood.

Things Needed:
  • Nail Polish of your choice (I used black)
  • Striper nail polish in same color as regular polish or striping nail brush

  1. Start off with a good protective base coat (Especially if using a dark color like black) to prevent nails from staining
On pinky and index finger:

1.Use striper or striping brush with polish to make a triangle coming from your cuticle

2.Use regular polish to fill space on nail above the triangle

On thumb, middle, and ring finger:

1.Use striper or striping brush with polish to make a triangle that is a little smaller than the ones on your pinky and index finger coming from your cuticle and fill it in


2.Use striper or striping brush with polish to create an angle above the triangle, leaving space between them

3.Fill in the space on the nail above the angle

Finish off:

  1. Optional: Use a glitter polish striper to line any places where the polish and negative space touch for extra sparkle
  2. Apply a glossy top coat to smooth out places where negative space and polish touch
  3. Finished!

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