Periwinkle Blue Snowflake Nail Design Tutorial: Perfect for Winter!

January 24, 2021

Although Christmas is over, it's not too late for some winter-themed nail designs. The weather hasn't changed yet, and it's still pretty cold outside, so I figured I'd squeeze in a tutorial for a snowflake winter nail design. I happened to have the perfect periwinkle blue for this design from the Minute Mani collection by p2 nail polish, which you can find at your local Walmart. This design is more on an intermediate level, but nothing too difficult.

What you'll need:

  • Light blue nail polish of your choice (mine was in the shade "Breezy Blue" by p2 nail polish)
  • Base coat and a glossy top coat (you can use the code BROOKLYN15 for 15% off your purchase)!
  • White nail polish
  • Metallic silver striping polish (mine was by Salon Perfect)
  • Small-medium dotting tool (a bobby pin works too)


  1. As usual, start off with a good base coat to help your polish adhere better.
  2. Begin by painting your thumb, index, and middle fingers blue. Paint your ring finger white and your pinky with your metallic polish.
  3. Snowflakes: Thumb and middle finger: Begin by painting two large plus signs on each nail (+) with your metallic striping polish.
  4. Paint a wide V shape at the end of each point of the plus sign, opening away from the plus sign. In order to give the effect that the snowflakes were going on beyond my nails, I didn't paint a V shape on the points that were touching the edges of my nails.
  5. Paint smaller wide V shapes in the middle of each line on the plus sign.
  6. Use your white polish and a dotting tool to randomly apply white dots in sparse areas.
  7. Plaid Nail: Index finger: Begin by painting a vertical white line on the side of your nail. Next paint a horizontal line near the cuticle of your nail and another near the free edge. Lastly, paint another horizontal line below the one near the free edge, except making this one slightly thicker than the others.
  8. Use your metallic striper to paint a vertical line on the other side of the nail and a horizontal one above the white line closest to the cuticle.
  9. Blue and silver swoop: Ring finger: For my ring finger, I used my blue polish on a thin brush to paint a line that started in the bottom left corner of my nail and created a swoop that gradually got thicker and ended parallel to my free edge on the right side of my nail. Then, I filled the shape in. I repeated the same thing with the metallic silver striper below the blue swoop.
  10. Finish everything with a glossy top coat to seal in your design, and you're all done!

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