Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

March 17, 2018

Ever since Sally Hansen came out with the Miracle Gel collection, I have been wanting to try it out. I only use gel polishes that don’t require UV lamps on my nails, so I was hoping that the Miracle Gel polishes could give me the same shine and long lasting wear as real gel without the damage. Sally Hansen is one of my favorite nail care brands, so I recently bought the Miracle Gel polish in “Get Mod” which is a pure white color, and I also bought the top coat. Below is my 100% honest opinion and review on Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel.

To start off, usually it takes me around 4 to 5 thin coats of white nail polish for me to get completely opaque coverage. I have long nails, so it takes more coats to make sure my nail line isn’t visible through the polish. However, if you have shorter nails, you may be able to use fewer coats and still have 100% opacity.

 The picture above was taken after the first coat of polish. I used a thin coat, and it is very streaky and not opaque at all. However, compared to other polishes the shine is close to real gel, and with thicker coats and shorter nails, this polish could be completely opaque after two coats.

The second coat did eliminate any streaks that the polish left, but it still wasn’t 100% opaque in my opinion.

After the third coat, the color was completely opaque and very shiny. Considering that this is a white polish, it did not take many coats. Other white polishes usually require more than 3 coats for complete coverage, but this polish was opaque after 3 coats.

I created a marble design with “Get Mod” and used the Miracle Gel top coat to seal it. Overall, I absolutely love the Miracle Gel polish formulas. They give the same shine as regular gel and the polish did not chip all week. The white didn’t require to many coats for full coverage, and darker colors most likely will only need one or two coats. I will definitely be using the top coat very often for its 2x volume shine. My only complaint is that it is somewhat of a hassle trying to remove it with regular nail polish remover, and it’s even harder with non acetone remover. I would recommend using 100% acetone or the soak off method.

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