Simple Mix and Match Fall Nail Art Tutorial

November 1, 2020

As Thanksgiving approaches, it's starting to truly feel like Autumn. Between leaves changing colors and finally being able to wear sweaters, I figured it was probably time for some Fall nail art. However, when I was looking for inspiration, I was totally overwhelmed with the endless options. There's everything from pumpkins to falling leaves to plaid flannel, and I had no idea where to start. Because there were so many options, and there were so many colors I wanted to try out, I decided on a simple mix and match design. This design is super easy to recreate and not at all complicated. Most of the polishes I used were limited edition, discontinued, or very hard to find, so I tried to link some similar colors from easier to find brands.

Items used:


  1. As usual, start off by applying a base coat to your nails to help the nail polishes adhere better.
  2. For the base colors, apply the gold glitter polish to your thumb and pinky, chocolate brown to your middle finger, beige to your index finger, and pumpkin orange to your ring finger.
  3. Plaid nail: Dip your long striping brush into your beige polish. Use it to paint one long vertical line from the cuticle to free edge of your nail on one side of your ring finger. Also, paint two horizontal lines: one closer to the free edge of your nail and one a little bit below the halfway mark on your nail.
  4. Using a black striping polish or thin brush dipped in black nail polish, paint a long vertical line from your cuticle to the free edge on the other side of your nail. Paint one horizontal line about halfway on your nail.
  5. Middle finger: Over the chocolate brown, apply medium sized gold flakes randomly on the nail. It looks best when the flakes are imperfect and different shapes and sizes. This gives the allusion of leaves falling. You can use nail glue or top coat to apply the flakes.
  6. Index finger: At the cuticle of the beige nail, apply whatever gold decal you would like. I used a hollow diamond shape.
  7. Finish off with a base coat to seal everything in, and you're done!

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